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About Us

Henry Booth House affectionately known as HBH, is a 501c3, Greater Chicago nonprofit community-based social services agency.  Founded in 1898 by the Chicago Ethical Humanist Society, HBH primarily focused on the development of ethical principles, education and quality of life.  It is named after Judge Henry Booth, the organization's first President.
From then until now, we drive this mission via 2 distinct and complementary core competencies anchoring both of these efforts in the education of the family.

First, in Head Start, our overarching goal is to "prepare at-risk children, 3-5 years of age for kindergarten and families for self-sufficiency".  We are the 2nd largest provider of Head Start services in Chicago, educating children at over 43 sites, our impact can be felt throughout 18 aldermanic wards in which we prepare over 1000 children for kindergarten each year.

Second, our Family Health effort, although not clinical in focus, targets the health education of the family from "birth to three":  HBH impacts the lives of over 3000 families each year.

In essence, our goal is to "intervene" at the earliest time possible, when quality programs and services have the greatest positive impact in optimizing the quality of life for a child and the contributions that child will make throughout adulthood to the greater society.

Who We Serve

We serve many families from a diverse mix of ethnicities, including: African American, Hispanic and Asian families.  Due to our proximity to Chinatown and our long standing relationship with the Asian community, over 45% of the clients served via our Family Health program are of Asian descent.


The vision of Henry Booth House is to be the recognized leader in creating sustainable social change by assisting children, families and communities in breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering them to achieve lifelong goals.


To improve the quality of life for families in culturally and economically diverse Chicago communities by providing comprehensive and integrated early childhood learning, family health and social services.